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Mental Toughness describes the mindset that every person adopts in everything they do. It is closely related to qualities such as character, resilience, grit, etc. It is defined as:
“A personality trait which determines, in large part, how people respond to challenge, stress and pressure, irrespective of their circumstances”.

Published research and case studies from around the world show that Mental Toughness is a major factor in:


explaining up to 25% of the variation in performance in individuals

Agility - Positive Behaviour

more engaged, more positive, more “can do”


more contentment, better stress management, less prone to bullying


more ambitious, prepared to manage more risk

Can we Assess Mental Toughness?

We can assess mental toughness through a range of unique high-quality psychometric measures in the MTQ product family. They are normative which enables users to assess mental toughness before and after an event such as a training & development or coaching programme.

Is there a common understanding at all levels of what leadership means at your organisation?

What are the factors affecting your organisation and what does this mean for a preferred leadership style and behaviour?

How effective is your organisation at measuring and developing leadership?

The challenge for HR and for Senior Executives is to grasp more effectively what leadership and what it can do for the organisation. Then to assess where they are and to introduce interventions that develop leadership style and behaviour in a predictable way.
Through the Integrated Leadership Model and ILM72 Measure – we can understand and measure individuals (and organisations) in terms of the six specific scales (style) and the 3 global scales.

Certified Innovative Organization (CInOrg®)

Certified Innovative Organization is a unique certification reserved exclusively for businesses and government agencies. Through a process of review and assessment that is conducted by our Authorize Innovation Assessor, the CInOrg establishes that your organization has demonstrated a certain level of maturity and capability with respect to being able to consistently deliver on short,medium, and long-term innovation and growth endeavors.

Innovation Certification Programs

Four different certifications, each based on the passing of a professional examination


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