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Authorized Innovation Assessor – AInA®

Affirms an individual’s proficiency at key and foundational innovation methods and tools.

Course Overview

AInI Authorized Innovation Assessor (AInA)® is GInI’s recognition of individuals who have met GInI’s standard for being capable of conducting innovation maturity assessments on behalf of organizations seeking to secure certification as a GInI Certified Innovative Organization (CInOrg)®. AInAs are also authorized by GInI to conduct accreditation assessments for Innovation Labs, Business Incubators, and Accelerator Programs, as well as to submit Innovation Endorsement Applications on behalf of businesses.
GInI AInAs are the only individuals authorized by GInI to conduct GInI Innovation Maturity Assessments. Organizations seeking to obtain GInI CInOrg certification must have this assessment conducted and submitted by an independent third- party GInI AInA. This enables GInI to enforce a standard of quality and effectiveness and ensure that all CInOrg assessments are conducted at the highest level of competence, objectivity, uniformity, and transparency. GInI AInAs are also the only individuals authorized by GInI to conduct GInI Innovation Lab, Business Incubator, and Accelerator Program accreditation assessments, as well as to submit Innovation Endorsement Applications on behalf of businesses, which similarly allows GInI to ensure an appropriate level of objectivity and transparency in these processes as well.
1-Become a Part of an Exclusive Group Authorized by GinI: Accreditation as an Authorized Innovation Assessor (AInA)® by the Global Innovation Institute (GInI)® places you in an exclusive class of service providers. GInI’s AInAs are highly recognized, and share a reputation for being knowledgeable, skilled, and capable, as well as objective and unbiased in their administration of GInI’s innovation maturity assessments.
2- Become Recognized as a Knowledge Leader in the Field of Strategic Innovation : Over time, AInAs come to be recognized as knowledge leaders in the fields of strategic innovation and enterprise innovation programs. They are exposed to a large number of organizations reflecting a variety of enterprise innovation programs, and understand the power of innovation for having a major impact on the strategic success of any business.
3- Recognition as an AInA gives you a Clear Competitive Advantage in the Marketplace: With the growing demand for CInOrg certification and the different GInI accreditations, the demand for AInA services has continued to grow as well. AInAs have the opportunity to spend considerable time conducting formal CInOrg and accreditation assessments. Furthermore, they can leverage their knowledge as an AInA for a wide variety of innovation consulting engagements.
4- Promote the Economic Development of Your Region of the World: By establishing yourself as an Authorized Innovation Assessor, you come to be in a position to encourage and influence numerous organizations in your country and region to pursue certification as a CInOrg® and/or to have their innovation assets formally accredited by GInI. You contribute in raising the overall level of innovation capability in your region of the world. This in turn holds the potential to pay back largely for the economic development and prosperity of these regions.
5 Days
TBD(to be decided)
TBD(to be decided)
2950 AED

Course Objective

  1. The CInOrg® Process
  2. The AInA® Process
  3. The Concept of Innovation Maturity
  4. The GInI CInOrg® Innovation Maturity Tool InMAT
  5. The CInOrg® Assessment Process
  6. The CInOrg® Evaluation Approach
  7. The InMAT Inputs
  8. The InMAT Process – Strategy: Pathways
  9. The InMAT Process – Strategy: Vehicles
  10. The InMAT Process – Strategy: Portfolio / Mix
  11. The InMAT Process – Strategy: Translation
  12. The InMAT Process – Enterprise Innovation: Point
  13. The InMAT Process – EIn: Foundation
  14. The InMAT Process – EIn: Procedures
  15. The InMAT Process – EIn: Financing
  16. The InMAT Process – EIn: Enablers
  17. The InMAT Process – EIn: Engagement
  18. The InMAT Process – EIn: Reinforcements
  19. The InMAT Process – Outcomes
  20. Post-Assessment – The Assessment Report (InMAR)
  21. AInA® Time & Expenses – General Guidelines
  22. Annual CInOrg® Reassessment Process
  23. Other Types of Assessment

Course Certification

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