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Training is very important for both new and experienced employees. It provides great opportunity to expand knowledge as well as build skills and abilities. We provide practical short-term training courses and certifications that are delivered by trainers who have relevant qualifications and experience.

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Al Tafaouq Al Elmi works closely with trainers and consultants from around the world to conduct extensive analysis and evaluation to make sure that our training contents are created based on international standards while focusing on local needs. We keep our training materials up-to-date, clear and user friendly.

Our Training Methodology

Our Training Methodology is built around a combination of





Role Plays


Case Studies

Through the different training methods, we use, our trainers explain how the training will add value to the participants in their personal and professional lives; encourage each participant to share their ideas and experiences so that they can contribute to the learning process; and actively seek answers to their questions.

The training courses and certification programs we offer cover different business areas include:

Leadership and

Creativity and

Human Resource and

Finance and

Secretarial and Office

Personal Skills and Self

The rapid development of the web-based ‘eLearning’ technologies has become a global phenomenon (Esnault, 2008). In our region, many governments and private organisations have seen the value of the eLearning and have started using it as one of their training methods.
learning online

eLearning is very effective for organizations regardless of the size of their workforce. Organisations that take the time to plan the implementation of their eLearning program will receive a number of benefits.

It is considered as an excellent approach to build a culture of “continuous education”. Working with our local and international partners who specializes in eLearning, we support organizations in assessing their needs, designing and implementing the right solutions that enable them to achieve their objectives.

The eLearning solutions we provide include interactive ready to use eLearning courses in Arabic and English; fully customized eLearning courses; and Learning Management Systems (LMS).

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