GInI Applied Innovation Master Book® (AInMB®) Arabic Print Version

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The printed version of the main applied innovation book in Arabic



The GInI Applied Innovation Master Book is a comprehensive reference book written for people seeking to understand a variety of concepts associated with organizational innovation. This book presents the concepts in a way that business professionals can understand and apply in the context of the entire innovation practice, and use them effectively at every level of the organization.

The book is structured in a way that first presents the foundational knowledge of organizational innovation and then examines the work of innovation professionals, innovation managers, innovation strategists and chief innovation officers.

The Global Innovation Institute’s flagship applied innovation book stands alone as the only book of its kind in the world – providing a comprehensive review of all innovation topics, from the most tactical to the most strategic. It is also the most comprehensive single resource on how to successfully drive innovation within a business enterprise.What makes the Global Innovation Institute’s Key Applied Innovation Handbook so effective is its unique structure. It provides essential knowledge of organizational innovation and then identifies all the tasks—tactical, operational, strategic, and more—that must be undertaken within an organization to achieve innovation effectively—all organized by different roles. He moves from innovation professional to innovation director, innovation strategist and finally to chief innovation officer. It also provides a detailed explanation of Design Thinking and the design methods associated with it.

By presenting each set of topics in this way – as a logical sequence that aligns with business roles in the organization – it also serves as an invaluable resource for any business professional seeking to understand their current role in innovation as well as how to prepare for the next level of innovation leadership. There is no other source to do this.
As a result, it offers everything professionals, managers, mentors, and executives need to know in order to structure and drive continuous and systematic innovation within the organization – what has come to be known as Innovation 2.0.

Publisher: GInI | Global Innovation Institute
Format: hardcover / color pages
Length: 856 pages
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