Personality Type Card Sort Exercise

201.90 AED

⦁ Interactive Personality Type assessment tool
⦁ Invaluable in Coaching and in Training and Development activities
⦁ Extremely easy to use
⦁ Inexpensive & Reusable
⦁ Strong face validity – excellent client response
⦁ Adopts a Jungian model of personality



The Personality Type Card Sort Exercise is designed to provide trainers, coaches and facilitators with a structured and reliable means of initiating a development discussion with an individual.
Studies at Hull University show that “users preferred the CSE over other methods of personality measurement due to its interactive nature” (Jamie Miller, 2009)

The card sort adopts a Jungian model of personality and has the further advantage of providing individuals with an indication of their personality type. Popular Jungian based models include MBTI*, Insights, JTI & Jigsaw.

The candidate selects statements, from a predetermined list, which they feel best describe their preferred way of relating to the world around them.   Based on the statements selected, it is possible to identify an indication of the candidate preferred personality type.

It is an ideal tool for Coaches, Counsellors and Trainers to use in their work. It is a valuable support to many training and development programmes. It is also an effect tool to use at the start of a coaching programme as a means of starting the conversation.