MTQPlus Assessment

339.52 AED

The MTQPlus assessment is a unique high-quality measure that assess Mental Toughness which describes the mindset that every person adopts in everything they do.



What is Mental Toughness?

Mental Toughness describes the mindset that every person adopts in everything they do. It is closely related to qualities such as character, resilience, grit, etc. It is defined as:

“A personality trait which determines, in some part, how people respond to challenge, stress and pressure, irrespective of their circumstances”.

Why do I need to assess my Mental Toughness?
Published research and case studies from around the world show that Mental Toughness is a major factor in:

  • Performance – explaining up to 25% of the variation in performance in individuals
  • Agility – Positive Behaviour – more engaged, more positive, more “can do”, dealing well with change
  • Wellbeing – more contentment, better stress management, better mental health
  • Aspirations – more ambitious, prepared to manage more risk and uncertainty, seeing opportunity where others see problems.

Most personality models and measures assess the behavioural aspects of Personality (how we act). Mental Toughness differs in that it assesses something more fundamental – “how we think”. In other words, why we act and respond emotionally to events. It enables you to raise your self-awareness and understand your mindset in a very practical way.

What does MTQPlus measure?

Research carried out under the direction of Professor Peter Clough of Huddersfield University has identified the four key components (constructs) of Mental Toughness. These are called the 4Cs.

The work of Doug Strycharczyk, Dr John Perry and Professor Clough allowed the concept to be expanded to eight factors to be understood and assessed around the 4Cs. This is shown below:

Mental Toughness Scale What this means…what does MTQPlus assess…the 8 Factors
CONTROL Life Control – I really believe I can do it
Emotional Control – I can manage my emotions and the emotions of others
COMMITMENT Goal Orientation – I set goals – I like the idea of working toward goals
Achievement Orientation – I’ll do what it takes to keep my promises and achieve my goals
CHALLENGE Risk Orientation – I welcome new and different experiences – I stretch myself
Learning Orientation – I learn from what happens – including setbacks
CONFIDENCE In Abilities – I believe I have the ability to do it – or can acquire the ability
Interpersonal Confidence – I can influence others – I will engage with people

MTQPlus assesses Mental Toughness in terms of these components.

What will I get If I take the assessment?

Once you complete the assessment you will get your development report that shows your scores in each of the 4Cs (Control, Commitment, Challenge, and Confidence). The report will include some suggestions as to how you can develop some aspects of your Mental Toughness.