ILM72 Assessment

343.05 AED

The ILM72 assessment is a reliable measure which assesses two important elements of leadership which are Adopted Leadership Style and Leadership Effectiveness.



What is the Integrated Leadership Model?

The Integrated Leadership Model is the result of a major study carried out by our partner AQR International in 2005. The study looked at over 50 leadership models and found that all had their origins in the same components – 6 scales which represented the different aspects of leadership style.

Further research carried out within the same program showed that there were three core

competencies which are crucial for leadership effectiveness. An important by-product of the program was the development of a reliable psychometric measure ILM72.

Why do I need to assess my Leadership?

Effective leadership motivates people to give up their discretionary effort and do it willingly and enthusiastically. For organizations, this translates in to better, more competitive performance and the development of a positive culture.  For individuals, this translates into a sense of growth, a sense of belonging and a sense of self-esteem.

With effective leadership issues such as absenteeism, poor customer service, ineffective team working and resistance to change simply evaporate.

Raising your self-awareness through understanding your leadership style and leadership effectiveness will help you to focus your development in the areas that will impact your work.

What does ILM72 measure?

ILM72 assesses:

Core Leadership Competencies

  • Determination to Deliver
  • Engagement With Individuals
  • Engagement With Teams

Leadership Style

  • Goal Orientation
  • Motivation
  • Engagement
  • Control
  • Recognition
  • Structure

What will I get If I take the assessment?

Once you complete the assessment you will get your development report that will include some suggestions as to how you can develop some aspects of your Leadership Style and Leadership Effectiveness.