Formation and development of mental toughness Arabic

190.48 AED

Training strategies to improve performance, flexibility and well-being
Written by Peter Clough and Doug Strecharczyk



Mental toughness relates to how effectively people deal with stress, pressure, and challenge. It is rooted in the concept of resilience but goes beyond that by adding ideas from the world of positive psychology. The result is a fully viable and highly measurable process. Tracing its evolution from sports psychology to the business, health, and education sectors, Developing Mental Toughness was the first book to investigate applications at the organizational level and provide a reliable psychological scale.

This version of Mental Toughness Development includes greater coverage of how mental toughness relates to other behaviors and canApply them to leadership, creativity, emotional intelligence and motivation. It also considers its applications in recruitment and entrepreneurship. Written for anyone who coaches and mentors individuals and teams to improve performance, the book contains practical guidelines, techniques, exercises, case studies, and a mental toughness self-assessment tool, all of which reflect exciting developments in the field over the past five years.