CARRUS Assessment

180.00 AED

CARRUS assesses key qualities which describe Employability.



What is CARRUS?

CARRUS is the result of a collaboration of thought leaders from the worlds of Career Guidance, Business and Psychology. In 2013, together with leading authorities from the Career Guidance world, AQR International together with Professor Peter Clough set out to review and define employability.

CARRUS focuses on key qualities which describe Employability. AQR research with c. 500 employers showed that, with Mental Toughness, these are the core behavioural areas which are consistently associated with performance, wellbeing, and the quickest transition into new and different roles.

Why do I need to assess my Employability?

CARRUS will support you to identify the attributes you should develop and demonstrate that will, both, prepare you for the world of work and enhance your employability.

What does CARRUS measure?

The following are the main components that CARRUS assesses:

Motivation And Drivers Dealing With People Dealing With Problems

Concern for Standards


Continuous Personal Development

Team-Working & Self Reliance


Emotional Intelligence

Assertiveness & Cooperativeness

Continuous Improvement

Problem Solving



What will I get If I take the assessment?

Once you complete the assessment you will get your development report that will include some suggestions as to how you can develop some aspects of your employability.