Corporate Innovation
Establish & manage an effective innovation management system

Our Aim

Our aim is to support our clients all the way through establishing and managing the innovation management systems. Through our international partners, clients will have access to organizational innovation services that include advisory bodies, consulting firms, certified innovation training, innovation laboratories, research and studies centers, design studios as well as prototyping workshops and manufacturing services.

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The United States based Global Innovation Institute aims to advance individual careers and transform organizational achievements by advancing the profession of innovation leadership. It does this through globally recognized standards, tools, publications, resources, professional development courses, certifications, applied research, and networking opportunities.

 Al Tafaouq Al Elmi is fully authorized by Global Innovation Institute (GInI®) to deliver all of GInI’s certifications-based training, assessments, endorsements and other related innovation offerings.

Corporate Innovation

Innovation Maturity Assessment

Certified Innovative Organization (CInOrg®) is a certificate issue by the Global Innovation Institute. Organizations who hold status as a CInOrg do so proudly as a reflection of their hard work and accomplishments by bringing new innovations to their companies, countries and perhaps to the world.
The CInOrg® is for organizations that are looking to:
The three levels of CInOrg®, corresponds to increasing levels of Innovation Maturity and Capability are:




Innovation Management System

The innovation management system (IMS) is designed to foster a culture of innovation and to build a work environment that is stimulating, supportive, enabling, talent-driven, and innovation-driven.

Our international team and partners have extensive experience and expertise in all areas of Innovation Management. We can work with organization to assess innovation maturity level, and then design an Innovation Management System best suited to that situation and defined set of objectives.

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International Certificates

The Global Innovation Institute (GInI®) certifications reflect the most current methods, trends and strategies in innovation. The training will embrace a very powerful suite of strategic innovation models and frameworks that have been developed by GInI®.

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The GInI Certified Innovation Professional (CInP)® is a certification for working professionals who have demonstrated an understanding of key topics relating to business innovation and innovation management.
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Design Thinking


The GInI Certified Design Thinking Professional (CDTP)® is a certification of innovation professionals who have demonstrated an advanced understanding of the key topics relating to Human-Centric Design, Design Thinking, The Design Thinking process and Design Methods.
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Innovation Strategist


The GInI Certified Innovation Strategist (CInS)® is a certification of business leaders who have demonstrated an advanced understanding of key topics relating to Innovation Strategy, Business Model Innovation, Customer Experience Innovation and Opportunity promotion.
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Innovation Officer


The GInI Certified Chief Innovation Officer (CCInO)® is a certificate of senior business leaders who have demonstrated an advanced understanding of key topics relating to enterprise innovation, innovation groups, innovation strategy, innovation spaces, management & workplace innovation, and other leading innovation practices.
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Innovation Assessor


The GInI Authorized Innovation Assessor (AInA®) is an authorization for those select professionals who as per GInI’s standards – have demonstrated the ability to conduct innovation maturity assessments on behalf of organizations seeking certification as a GInI Certified Innovative Organization (CInOrg®).
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Accredited Accelerator Programs (AAP)®

The GInI Accelerator Program Accreditation is such a credible and reliable accreditation standard – a means by which leaders the world over can develop confidence in the design, operation, and capabilities of their Accelerators. GInI awards three levels of accreditation for Accelerator Programs. Each of these represents an increasing level of impact the Accelerator Program produces for its cohorts, and an increasing level of financial return it delivers to its operating organization.

These three levels are:




Innovation Courses

Accredited Business Incubators (ABI)®

Accreditation of a Business Incubator by GInI assures all affected stakeholders that this Incubator has been thoroughly assessed, and that its design and operation therefore conform to GInI’s strict accreditation standards. No other organization prescribes this same level of accreditation standard for Business Incubators as does GInI. Accreditation by GInI is therefore the global standard of accreditation for Business Incubators.

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Accredited Innovation Lab (AInL)®

The GInI Innovation Lab Accreditation is such a credible and reliable accreditation standard –a means by which businesses can develop the confidence they need in the design, operation, and capabilities of their Innovation Labs. The GInI Innovation Lab Accreditation stands alone as the sole such standard in the world to set the benchmark against what all world-class Innovation Labs must aspire.
Innovation Lab
Innovation Endorsement

Innovation Endorsement (InE)®

Endorsement of an innovation by GInI signifies that the innovation has not only satisfied the qualification requirements set by GInI, but just as importantly, has demonstrated its true merit as an innovation on the basis of its actual adoption, usage, and business impact, delivering value where none existed previously. Thus, irrespective of whatever acclaim, recognition, and/or financial success it might have otherwise achieved, the innovation is recognized for its real business impact.

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