ILM72 – The Integrated Leadership Model

Assess Leadership Style & Leadership Effectiveness in terms of Leadership behavior

What is the Integrated Leadership Model?

The ILM 72 is a reliable psychometric measure which assesses two important elements: 
This is the result of a major study carried out by AQR in 2005. It looked at
over 50 leadership models and found that all had their origins in the same
components – 6 scales which represented different aspect of leadership
style. The ILM 72 can be used with almost every leadership model. 

What does the ILM72 measure?

Leadership Style

All leaders adopt a preferred way of working. There is no right or wrong style. We know that style is situational. Usefully ILM 72 profiles can be aggregated to form a picture of the leadership style of a group which is an important aspect of culture. ILM 72 measures adopted style across six scales representing the six aspects of leadership style 
Scale Description
How important achieving goals is to the leader
The Means v. The End
What the leader believes is the path to motivation
The Task v. The Person
How leaders will engage with others
Flexible v. Dogmatic
The extent to which leaders need to be in control
De-Centralised v. Centralised
The leaders preferred approach to recognition
Reward v. Punishment
How important structure is to the leader
Structured v. Organic

Leadership Effectiveness – core leadership competencies

Further research showed that there were three core competencies which are crucial for leadership effectiveness. The ILM72 was developed to assess these three qualities too. 


This describes a single-minded determination to achieve. Most satisfaction – the individuals and the followers – is derived from this 
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This describes enhancing the capability, confidence and commitment of individuals to enable them to perform and to fulfil themselves. 


The emphasis is on cross functional team working – a leader knows and supports how people work together across the organisation 

Developing Leadership Style and Leadership Effectiveness

Both interplay in critical ways. Leadership Effectiveness describes what I need to do to offer effective leadership – Leadership Style describes how I might do that given my particular situation. Al Tafaouq and its international partner AQR has a programme of interventions which suits all applications.

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