eLearning for Continuous Learning
We offer Self-paced eLearning and Live Online Learning

eLearning for continuous learning The COVID-19 pandemic has put all of us in an uncertain situation and has disrupted our routines creating substantial change and readjustment.
At Al Tafaouq, we have modified our business model to be able to support individuals and organizations during this challenging time and beyond. 
We strongly believe that eLearning through the use of technology is an excellent approach for continually developing and improving knowledge, skills and abilities skills to enable staff to become more effective and adaptable to changes in the workplace.


We offer Self-paced eLearning and Live Online Learning. In both eLearning approaches, materials have been developed by subject-matter experts. Each eLearning course has been designed to ensure the maximumamount of trainee engagement and enrichment. Trainees acquire the maximum knowledge skills and abilities in the mostconvenient, stimulating and time effective manner.

Self-Paced eLearning

We offer a variety of self-paced eLearning training courses. Participantsare not required to be online at the same time. These courses have beendeveloped by experts and are ready to be used at any time. Our self-paced eLearning training courses come with detailed instructions. Theyinclude quizzes at the end of each lesson that measures progress andacquired knowledge and skills. Participants can take the courses usingmobile phones, tablets, PCs or laptops anytime and wherever they are.
Self-paced eLearning modules include:

Online education

Live Online Learning

Live online learning takes place at a scheduled time. Participants andtrainer join online at the same time. Our live online training courses areinteractive within the virtual classroom space. We cover a variety of topicsin leadership and management, business innovation, finance andaccounting as well as soft skills.
Live Online Learning Modules include:

Blended eLearning

The ‘Blended eLearning’ approach allows instructors and learners to experience the best of both worlds.
Learners benefit from advantages of both self-paced and live online learning.
Learners work at their own pace, while also attending live online courses with a facilitator.
This means that an instructor need only be present some of the time. This enables instructors to focus on developing core curriculum while still offering assistance to the trainees.
Trainees receive immediate feedback for the coursework that is completed and delayed feedback for work that is completed during self-study sessions.
To take a more blended approach to eLearning, we advise and agree the courses and tasks that will be completed via self-paced learning, and those better suited for live online learning.
For example, if you have a subject that may be more involved, such as discussing company policy or an in-depth process, then you may want to take the live online training approach.
Alternatively, if you want to educate employees about a particular customer service procedure that doesn’t change or a scientific process that won’t be altered anytime soon, then self-paced eLearning training courses may be best.
We advise when determining which eLearning approach is best for your organization, it’s important to first look at the objective and training process involved. Then you’ll want to choose the options that will lead to the acquisition, retention, and recall of this vital set of knowledgeand skills.

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