Certified Chief Innovation Officer – CCInO®

Affirms an individual’s proficiency at key and foundational innovation methods and tools

Course Overview

Al Tafaouq Al Elmi offers a preparation course for Certified Chief Innovation Officer (CCInO). This certification is recognition from Global Innovation Index of senior business leaders who have demonstrated an advanced understanding of key topics relating to enterprise innovation, innovation strategy, innovation groups, innovation spaces, management and workplace innovation, and other leading innovation practices.

CCInO certification affirms an individual’s proficiency at executive-level innovation practices and methods. This includes enterprise innovation programs, the GInI Enterprise Innovation Architecture, innovation strategy formation, the GInI Strategic Innovation Compass, the GInI Strategic Innovation Roadmap, strategic innovation portfolios, management and workplace innovation, the GInI Experiential Human Innovation Framework, innovation group design, innovation space design, outcome-driven innovation, discovery-driven innovation, and innovation maturity.

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Chief Innovation Officer (CCInO)

1- Become a Strategic Innovation Thinker: Develop the ability to see innovation as a strategic tool for advancing the relevance, growth, and resilience of the organization. Furthermore, develop the ability to guide the organization strategically in defining and pursuing a specific course for innovation. As part of this, examine the many options for an innovation portfolio that balance the short, medium, and long-term needs of the organization.
2- Become the Driving Force for Ever Improving Innovation Capabilities: Develop an understanding of the different organizational levels of innovation maturity. How the CCInO role differs in each case. Furthermore, learn methods for constantly advancing the innovation capabilities of your organization, so that over time it can become capable of leading its markets, as well as defining new markets.
3- Become a Force for Engagement and Change: Learn how to engage the entire organization in the pursuit of innovation and how to reap the many paybacks. Also learn how to define the many possible new paths forward, as well as how to deliver on those with the greatest potential impact.
4 Become a Champion of the Innovation Engine: Understand how the many pieces of the innovation ecosystem work together to deliver the greatest impact to the business. Understand the many tools and methods available for empowering innovation work the organization. Learn how to establish and use special teams and innovation spaces to drive very focused and purpose-driven innovation work.
5 Days
5:00 pm


8:00 pm
2,950 AED

Course Objective

  1. The CInO Role
  2. Foundations of Strategic Innovation
  3. The Role Of Innovation Strategy
  4. The Strategic Innovation Pathways & Vehicles
  5. The Innovation Strategy Portfolio & SInR Pairing Matrix
  6. Understanding the Front End / Mid Zone / Back End Of Innovation
  7. Understanding Enterprise Innovation
  8. Management Innovation & Workplace Innovation
  9. Building a Core Innovation Group
  10. Designing Innovation Spaces
  11. Driving Focused Innovation Work Products
  12. Structural Market Changes & Responsive Growth Strategy
  13. The Concept of Innovation Maturity & The Role of the CInO with respect to Innovation Maturity

Course Certification

The United States based Global Innovation Institute aims to advance individual careers and transform organizational achievements by advancing the profession of innovation leadership. It does this through globally recognized standards, tools, publications, resources, professional development courses, certifications, applied research, and networking opportunities.

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