Certified Design Thinking Professional

Affirms an individual’s proficiency at key and foundational innovation methods and tools

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Certified Design Thinking Professional (CDTP)® is GInI’s recognition of innovation professionals who have demonstrated an advanced understanding of the key topics relating to Human-Centered Design, Design Thinking, the Design Thinking process, and Design Methods.

CDTP certification affirms an individual’s proficiency at this most crucial of innovation methods. This includes: the Human-Centered Design (HCD) philosophy, Design Thinking overall, the Design Thinking process, Points of View, Design Principles, Design Methods for Observation, Design Methods for Inquiry, Design Methods for Experimenting, Design Methods for Study, and the critical role of Prototyping.

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Design Thinking Professional (CDTP)

Become a Part of the Exclusive World of Design Thinking

You will develop a deep understanding of the philosophy, methodology, and tools of Design Thinking, to become initiated into one of the world’s most powerful and impactful approaches to innovation. You will learn how to explore customer and market needs deeply with a designer’s mindset.

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Become a Powerful Voice for Customer Empathy

You will learn how to dive into and explore your customers’ world with a deep sense of empathy for both their spoken and unspoken needs. You will also learn how to leverage these insights to deliver greater value that more effectively solves for their tension points.

Learn How to Get to the Real ”Problem Behind the Problem”

You will learn how to formulate and test hypotheses around problems and opportunities for a clearer understanding of the real problem behind the perceived problem. You will learn how to use this as a method for consistently de-risking your organization's innovation endeavors.

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Become a Driving Force for Delivering Winning Brand Experiences

By understanding how to reframe problems you will be able to develop a concise point of view regarding how to best position new solutions and brand experiences. This will help to ensure that everything your organization does delivers a consistent and valued brand message.

Target Audiences

Front-line professionals and mid-level managers, Innovation specialist, innovation team members who work as part of the innovation group or innovation lab. And anyone who simply wishes to demonstrate a deeper understanding of the human-centered design philosophy, the design thinking process, and the affiliated design methods.

Obtaining Certified Design Thinking Professional (CDTP)
Step 1- Meet the exam eligibility requirements:
To be eligible to register for the CDTP exam, an individual must meet ONE of the following criteria:
- A Bachelors or Master’s degree in Design Methods, regardless of experience.
- A minimum of one year of professional experience with a Master’s degree or higher.
- A minimum of two years of professional experience with a Bachelor’s degree.
- A minimum of four years of professional experience with less than a Bachelor’s degree.
- In addition, the individual must show proof of ownership of the GInI Applied Innovation Master Book®.
Step 2- Apply for and pass the CDTP exam
The CDTP is a 90-minute exam with 90 multiple-choice questions and a passing score of 65%.
We offer Exam Preparation Course which will help you to understand the subject and to better prepare for the exam.
Contact us to know more about the exam preparation course.
Maintaining Certified Design Thinking Professional (CDTP)

To maintain your CDTP Certification, you must earn 30 Innovation Development Units (IDUs) every three years, or retake the CDTP exam.

For more information read the CDTP Guide Book 

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