Assessment Solutions

Enhance your recruitment and selection process as well as the training and development activities 

Make Better Decisions

Organizations are always looking for ways to enhance their recruitment and selection process as well as their training and development activities. The use of valid and reliable assessment measures gives them valuable and objective information which can support them in making important selection or development decisions.
Al Tafaouq Al Elmi is working in partnership with AQR International, a United Kingdom based organization founded in 1989 to offer talent assessment solutions.

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Our Solutions

Our solutions include psychometric assessment and assessment and development centre approaches that are available to Team Leaders and Managers; Training Specialists together with Recruiters; Facilitators; Coaches and Teachers. These tools and assessments support users in making better decisions about the people they are working with.

Personal Productivity


We offer a number of high-quality psychometric tools and assessments. These assessment support organizations in making better decisions about people and their skills, attributes and behaviors. In addition to that, psychometric assessment can support in measuring the effectiveness of interventions and with training and development programs.

Business Etiquette


We provide tailored Assessment and Development Centres for organisations that are looking for a multi-method approach to assess individuals. The Assessment and Development Centers can include group discussion, role play, case analysis, competency-based interview, presentations, fact finding, ability tests and personality assessment.