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About Us

Established in 2004, Al Tafaouq Al Elmi, is a training and consulting provider based in Abu Dhabi. We are licensed by The Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training; and one of the preferred training partners by the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources.
Al Tafaouq Al Elmi is a recognized and authorized provider by the Institute of Leadership and Management in United Kingdom and the Global Innovation Institute in the United States of America. Al Tafaouq Al Elmi is also the strategic partner for AQR International in the GCC region.

Our Capabilities

We built our capabilities and established strategic associations internationally to provide world-class services in

Talent Assessment

Psychometric & Assessment Center

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Professional Coaching

Control, Challenge, Commitment & Confidence

Corporate Innovation

Certifications, Assessments & Endorsements

Corporate Training

Training Courses & eLearning

Strategics Partner

Our strategic partnership with AQR International enables us to utilise leading edge psychometrics within our training and coaching programs. These can effectively identify development areas and then evaluate outcomes around development of “mindset” using the Mental Toughness measure and Leadership Style and Leadership Effectiveness in terms of Leadership Behavior using the Intergraded Leadership measure.
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innovation institute

Authorized Innovation Provider

As an authorized Innovation Provider by Global Innovation Institute (GInI®), we deliver all of GInI’s certifications-based training, assessments, endorsements and other related innovation offerings.

Accreditation & Associations

Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training is responsible for the licensing of training providers. Committed for establishing policies and standards that effectively regulate technical and vocational educational institutions in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Al Tafaouq Al Elmi is a licensed training provider by ACTVET and inspected for quality assurance on regular basis throughout the year.
Human Resource

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources lunched a strategic initiative called “Maaref”. The aim of the initiative to identify and listing the preferred training partners in the UAE in accordance with specific standers and make it available to the ministries and the federal entities. Al Tafaouq Al Elmi became a preferred training provider by FAHR in 2016.

Mental illness

AQR International is a consultancy which is an innovative provider of Assessment and Development services. It is a United Kingdom based organisation founded in 1989. Its work is supported by a wide range of partnership arrangements around the world, including working with universities and colleges. 

Knowledge Management
The Global Innovation Institute is an international organisation providing professional membership associations and certifications in the field of Innovation. The Institute aims to advance individual careers and transform organisational achievements by advancing the profession of innovation leadership. Al Tafaouq Al Elmi is fully authorized by Global Innovation Institute (GInI®) to deliver all of GInI’s certifications-based training, assessments, endorsements and other related innovation offerings.
Online Knowledge Management
The Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) is the United Kingdom’s largest management body, combining industry leading qualifications, recognized training programs and specialist member services. Al Tafaouq Al Elmi is an approved ILM Training Provider that offer a range of endorsed and development programs in Leadership, Management, Human Resource and Training together with the development of soft skills.

Our Clients